Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday 18th February 2017.............Saturday so it has to be a sports day!!!!

Just the usual boring Saturday......up at 7 am to watch a live soccer game from England and then off to the tennis courts for two hours of fun and the occasional great shot.....

Home in time to don the hiking boots and off to the Pressa...

I took a route I have not done for two years this is the area close to Linda and Guy's house and when I was house sitting there for all those years I would down here often but today  noticed the level of the water is at least 12 feet higher!!!

the railroad is by the Pressa
 This train was doing a good click down the tracks

these containers are loaded with cars and inside each container it is two levels so they sure pack the cars in!!
 I asked this herder how old the little lambs were

 and these are 4 weeks old!!!

You can tell the high rise of the water as I used to walk in between this small bridge!!!

On the tracks this is one of the most unusual houses I have ever seen  all glass, broken bottles and tiles with a Ukrainian type Easter egg on the roof...too funny!!
 and then this open space which i think is a small soccer field and those yellow things in the distance??
 Yes concrete arm chairs!!!!

I know the farmers have to be careful of losing their life stock and I have seen many animals with their two front feet tied together but I have never seen this kind of tether before!!!
It was a long hike maybe 7 miles but really what I needed.....

Came home made a lovely salad, a hot shower and now finishing the day watching a live hockey game from Canada!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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