Monday, February 20, 2017

Monday 20th February know it is a slow day when.....

I talk about my bed sheets...I have these divine fleecy  sheets that are just so wonderful but they are king size and heavy!!

My lovely Margarita who kindly does my laundry soon found out they were too heavy for the dryer so I offered to get them laundered at a commercial laundromat and that is what I have been doing....

I dropped them off this morning and returned at 7.30 pm tonight and for 70 pesos yes that is right 70 pesos they are ready for me.....what I can never understand is how they are able to fold up these monster sheets into such a small bundle... of course being a man I could never ever fold the bottom sheet...check it out!!

See Ellie checking out the sheets!!!

I am now doing the full 21 repetitions of the 5 Tibetan rites..usually start my day with them!!

I was on the tennis courts again this afternoon and as always so enjoyable....

My English class was different tonight ...only one student showed up!!!!

In the three years I have been teaching never only just had one student although it should not surprise me after all some of them have been coming for 5 years and with families, work it is a huge commitment three days a week and that is why I am so proud of them!!
\Anyway Gaby and I had  a good one on one lesson!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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