Sunday, February 26, 2017

Sunday 26th February 2017....a another wonderful hike and Master Chef!!

At the Birthday party last I met a couple of my tennis buddies who wanted me to show them the canyon and bridge hike so this morning we met and off we all went on the hike...the day was sunny and lovely and warm..

After about 40 minutes we reached the cross and the great view...

They all look happy right????

                                 ALYS        CAROLYN     MATTHEW     DIANE

Then we get to the suspension bridge and I get a few "what you want me to walk over that??   Really looks!!!"

But they did it!!

First Carolyn and her Grand daughter Alys!!!

Then I managed to capture this guy flying by!!!!

Then it was Diane and Mathew's turn!!!!

Then into the canyon where it is so peaceful and serene!!!
They all said how great a hike it was and I just made them promise that they would do the same hike in the rainy season when the area is so lush and two wonderful wild and glorious waterfalls cascade through the canyon!!!

Tonight I went to visit my friend Sara and she showed me how and we cooked a huge batch of pea soup...I love the soup and now confident that I can make it on my own!!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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