Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sunday 19th February 2017........mystery road trip!!!

It was time to get out of town for the day, I have no idea how or why the font changed, so I packed up and got in Little Bluey and off to Little Monument Valley!!!!

I had done this same trip about 6 years ago and was hoping I could find the route, see the font changed on it's own!!!!!

The drive was on secondary but good roads until I turned off the highway on to roads like this...

I managed to find the right way..
and suddenly after 10 km of nothing come across this tiny village with a wonderful lake front!!!

Made it to my destination just under 2 hours!!!

and my first viewing of the rocks I was heading for

and with the great zoom on my camera!!
A little different landscape but the same central rocks..
Passed by another small village and a lovely church!!

A true Mexican stand off........I won!!!
This I like to call the trifecta of photographs......

A little different perspective...
I parked  and started up there.....
This below is the real Monument Valley I see the similarities!!!!

Always a cross at the top!!!

View from my lunch spot..can you spot Little Bluey??
Some zoom help!!
Wonderful view for miles around and no people!!!
So looking back the red circle is where I hiked and had lunch!!!

"Excuse me Mr.Pearson did you happen to see my right horn up there on the mountain?"

On the way back I stopped here...the translation is the Bridge of God!!!
No silly this is not the bridge just the entrance!!

After 2 km hike here is the bridge!!!

I bet this is a wonderful sight in the rainy season with this river fast flowing!!!
A good shot of the bridge!!
It was a lovely day where I had lots of time to think and make some tentative plans in my mind and I was home by 6 pm.

Yashi Kochi!!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Beautiful scenery! How long was the hiking part? And do you ever worry about snakes, spiders and skeletons?

mexicokid said...

It was gorgeous..the hike to the bridge was 4 km there and back and up the mountain maybe 4km but of course all up and the last question never seen any of those yet in all these was a special day cheers L

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