Thursday, August 10, 2017

Wednesday 9th August 2017....home sweet home!!!

So here goes with a codensed trip report..........

We left San Miguel Fruday morning and the trip to Leon airport was easy with a shuttle..the 2.5 hour flight was on time and we arrived in Cancun and was met by the shuttle and driven to the ferry terminal where we boarded this boat for 20 minutes....

We were staying in a private residence that I had booked on and the owner had a restaurant in the small town centre and that is where we went and met Silvia, we had dinner there and afterwards she drove us to the condo.....
There was a little confusuion as the place did not seem to look the same as the advert on the Booking site but we opted to stay there it was not perfect but it was OK.....

It was about 8km from the town centre so the next morning we got a ride back ito town.....this is the beach that belongs to a beach club next door to the condo which we are allowed to use till 5pm.

As the Isla is only very small this is the main means of transportation for tourists and we hired the cart for two days and it was a fun way to get around also a delight as it was breezy...we knew when we booked that August is the hottest month but it was the only time the whale sharks appear in the waters off shore and that was the main reason for was over 100 degrees so most of the time was spent in the water and drinking loads of water!!!
This is Playa Norte one of the nicest beaches in the Yucatan and the water was bath warm!!!!

A sunset on the west coast...
The Caribbean side of the Isla is quite rocky!!!

Gracie taking in the sunset...

Garrafon Natural Reef Park Overview

An exotic destination for nature lovers

At the southern tip of Isla Mujeres - a picturesque beautiful island 30 minutes by boat from Cancun- Garrafon Natural Reef Park emerges from the Mexican Caribbean waters as the perfect vacation destination for relaxation and adventure.
Garrafon is a gorgeous natural park highlighted by reefs, cliffs and beautiful ocean landscapes that will captivate your senses and free the very essence of your soul. You will enjoy water activities like kayaking and snorkeling, adventure activities like hiking, biking and flying over the turquoise waters on a zip line, and of course live moments or hours of relaxation on hammocks, lounge chairs or our tropical bar.
The park also has direct access to a beautiful cliff area called Punta Sur where you will admire a Sculpture garden, a lighthouse, a Mayan temple and the breathless path by the sea that will lead you to the first spot on Mexican soil touched by the sunrise light every morning.

This is where we spent most of the day and it was fun we got a VIP pass that included everything, the snorkeling was lovely as was the Zip line altho it pales in comparison to the best zip line I did a few years ago through the Copper Canyon!!!!
The food was not bad and I also did a kayak trip and then we rested in the pools a fun day!!!!
This is another view of the beach near to our apartment....
Monday was the big day we had reservations for 8 am to go whale shark swimming but Tropical Storm Franklin had other ideas!!!!!

Tropical Storm Franklin Develops in NW Caribbean

August 7, 2017, 4:07 AM
Above:  Satellite image of Tropical Storm Franklin late Sunday night, August 6, 2017.
The sixth tropical storm of the 2017 Atlantic season was gaining strength late Sunday as it headed toward a landfall on the Yucatan Peninsula late Monday. Tropical storm warnings were in effect for most of the Yucatan Peninsula coastline of Mexico, with a tropical storm watch southward on either side of the peninsula, including the northern Belize coast.

Franklin was designated a tropical storm by the NOAA/NWS National Hurricane Center at 11 pm EDT Sunday, when the storm was located only about 100 miles north of the northeast tip of Honduras. A NOAA buoy northeast of the center reported sustained winds of minimal tropical storm strength, 35 knots (40 mph). Showers and thunderstorms (convection) were blossoming around Franklin’s newly consolidated center late Sunday, and an increasing amount of spin was evident in satellite loops. The center of Franklin is far enough north of the Honduras coast to minimize land interactions as the storm continues on its west-northwest course, moving at about 13 mph. Computer forecast models are in strong agreement on Franklin’s path, which should curve gently to the left as the storm moves across the Yucatan peninsula and into the Bay of Campeche.
WU 5-day tracking map for TS Franklin, 3Z 8/7/2017
Figure 1.  WU depiction of NHC tracking map for Tropical Storm Franklin as of 11 pm EDT Sunday, August 4, 2017. There is potential for Franklin to reach hurricane strength between the 12 AM Thursday and 12 AM Friday positions, as discussed below.

Intensity outlook for Franklin

The intensity outlook for Franklin has changed little from our detailed report on Sunday afternoon. Franklin will likely reach the Yucatan as a strong tropical storm. An intensification to Category 1 hurricane strength just prior to landfall cannot be ruled out, given the very warm waters east of the Yucutan, the high oceanic heat content there, and the expected lessening of wind shear around Franklin on Monday. A Hurricane Hunter flight into Franklin has been scheduled for midday Monday. On its expected track, the highest winds from Franklin would most likely affect the sparsely populated southern part of Mexico’s Quintana Roo state, but gales may extend well northward along the coast. Torrential rains of 3” - 6” or more can be expected across the region.
Franklin’s trek across the flat terrain of the Yucatan should have only a minor dampening effect, and the storm is liable to intensify further when it reaches the warm waters of the Bay of Campeche. The official NHC forecast at 11 pm EDT Sunday called for Franklin to arrive at the northeast coast of Mexico on Thursday morning. Our best model for intensity forecasts, the HWRF, has been consistent in projecting that Franklin could be a Category 2 hurricane by the time of this second landfall, and the 0Z Sunday SHIPS model output indicates a 58% chance that Franklin will become a 100-knot hurricane (Category 3) while in the Bay of Campeche. Because the official NHC forecast provides intensities at 72- and 96-hour intervals, it does not include a predicted strength for the 12 hours on either side of Franklin’s second landfall (which is expected around the 84-hour point). Overall, it appears that odds favor at least a Category 1 landfall in northeast Mexico on Thursday.

So it was not to be as Tuesday the storm also persisted and we unable to cross this off our Bucket lists....

I did not get any good shots of the storm but there was high winds and thunder and pelting rain for two days...we really managed to get out for a short time at the beach club but most of the time spent in the room with Gracie beating me every game at cards!!!

The last night we went into town for a nice dinner and a view of the square where there was some folk lore entertainment....

The journey home was a repeat of getting there except in reverse and it all went really well and arrived home around 3 pm.

We both feel that we will not go back to the Isla and will have to look for those whale sharks in other waters!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Croft said...

We loved Isla when we were there.It is like visiting Cancun twenty years ago.

mexicokid said...

Very touristy now but still has charm..L

Glenn said...

I went to Isla Mujeres with my girlfriend in October of 1975. We traveled by bus from Merida, to Puerto Juarez, and then crossed over to Isla in something like a small shrimp boat. The streets were a beautiful white vehicles except one taxi if you wanted to go the the airport. I thought of the place as heaven on earth. I went back tens years later, and everything had changed a lot although it was still a beautiful place.

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