Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday 28th August 2017...a visit to the state capitol!!!

Went on a short day trip with Gracie to the state capitol Guanajuato...a beautiful European type student town...enjoy the vibrant photos!!!!

The panoramic view so many vibrant colors..

 The famous statue..
 The little cable car that takes you down to the town center..

It is an old mining town and still there are many tunnels that go under the city...not to be driven through in a motor home right Croft???? (a personal dig)

A beautiful day and a different town and feel from San Miguel!!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!!


Dee Tillotson said...

If you had not mentioned where those photos were, some people like me would have mistakenly thought the location was in a small town of Spain or Portugal.

Dee Tillotson said...

P.S. OK now, want to know the story of Croft and his motorhome in this little town. When you get the time, how about it, Croft.

mexicokid said...

yes it does have that feel I think Croft should post on his blog his story but a hint his motorhome height is more than the tunnel height...say no more....L

sylvia said...

A great place to visit! Very colorful and lots to see!

Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Loved it there, driving the tunnels was fun as well.

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