Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thursday 26th January 2017...sleepless nights!!!

But my own fault as I have been staying up to watch live tennis from Australia....the big games I wanted to watch start at 2.30 am so you can imagine my sleep patterns have been interrupted but worth it to watch fantastic these players constantly hit the ball so hard after long games amazes me and as a matter of interest the players left in the finals on both the women's and the men's side are all over 30 years of age and been around the game for years..

There is another game on this morning at 2.30 am but I don't think in fact I know I cannot stay awake to watch that one!!

Another great class last night on Wednesday's we always talk about what we do to "Pay or pass it forward" and again last night I was so moved by what these incredible students do in this community they have taken this subject to heart and I am so proud of everyone of them!!

I told you a few posts ago about the 5 Tibetan Rites that I  perform each day I am now up to 15 repetitions a day for each of the five and on Sunday move up to 18...I don't know if they do anything for me but between those and my workout's at Joe's gym I definitely see a difference in my body shape and also I am still trying to eat really healthy!!

Not an exciting post I know...sorry....

Yashi Kochi!!!!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Two items for your shopping list...

1. A PVR. So you can record those late light, early morning sports shows.
2. A cape and leotards. Because you are starting to become superman.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Cheers, Peter.

Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Could you get a used pvr for your sports. PEople always seem to update to the lastest device.

mexicokid said...

thanks I have heard of them but rarely watch TV or anything that important so I will just stick with sleepless but good nights..I like the cape idea but alas I am not even is PA???? Blessings L

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