Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday 20th January 2017...a bit of a Day(Pun intended)

Today I offered to drive my friend Sara and her two sisters, Deb and Lorraine to the state capitol town, Guanajuato  about 75 km away...the pun above is that the sisters last name is Day!!!!

I picked them up at 9.30 am and it was a good drive..they were going to visit and walk all around the town and I was of into the mountains for a  I dropped them off just outside the city center and arranged to meet them at 5.00 pm.

Those peaks is where I am heading so you can see quite a climb..

 There are a lot of mines in this area and you can see here the layers of slate!!
Looking back at the town!!

It was a lovely hike took me over 4 hours and afterwards I walked into the city centre but first stopping at this great view point!!

The whole city is built in a valley surrounded by mountains and they still have an extensive underground tunnel system!!
This is a beautiful and elegant building...

Such a vibrant market inside...
This is a completely different style of city from San Miguel..more European and less tourists and it is also a huge University city!!

This is the main Jardin!!

I picked up the Sisters and the drive back was uneventful and we arrived back in town around 6.30 pm...

Tonight more live tennis from Australia!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!


Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

We spent a day there and loved it, blog post on
We almost had a three month housesit there but almost does't count.
Would you ever think of spending time living there? Cheers, yay the snow is gone and we are house/dogsitting in Port Alberni for a month, cheers

mexicokid said...

no i would prefer here to GTO house sit in Port Alberni in the winter??????You know there are many house sits in the States e mail me and I will send you the link blessings L

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