Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday 15th January could be Friday!!!

because I had a typical Pearson Friday appointments, no classes, no phone calls and did not see anyone!!

My day started at 6.30 am with a nice cup of tea and watching a great entertaining live soccer game from England.

After the game I had time to cook two poached eggs before the next and again exciting live soccer game from England.

Around noon I took off on a hike down to the was about 8 miles and I hope you enjoy the photos.....

 It was a lovely hike I do enjoy these hikes it gives me time to think and although I do not meditate I believe these days are like a sort of meditation for me......

Had a great salad for dinner tonight and now sitting watching live tennis from Australia...not a thrilling and exciting day but nevertheless  one I enjoyed!!!

Yashi Kochi!!!

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Gracie Kirn said...

Just checking to see what you were doing on my birthday. Looks like a good day for you, eating poached eggs and hiking.

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